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About Welling

1、Company Profile:

Guangdong Jiangmen Welling Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. located in the well-known political activist of Liang Qichao's hometown of Chenpi Village Xinhui District ,Guangdong Province, specialized in electric fan development, production and sales enterprises. Currently our company has been developed series products of industrial ceiling fan and luxury decorative fan, from 30 "to 60" cover all specifications more than 60 varieties, the enterprise has achieved CB, CCC, CE, ETL and a series of product safety and quality and ISO9001 quality management system standard certifications.

2、Why us?

①:More than 25 years of mature team

Welling ceiling fan, relies on its own train and constantly attract all kinds of technical talents in the industry, has a team which worked in the state-owned enterprises, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese with rich experience and full of vitality and constantly enterprising talents, formed a mature team in covering R & D, production, management, quality inspection, sales and services.

②:Advanced concept with higher quality and lower energy consumption

Welling ceiling fan, for the purpose of low energy consumption, low cost, high quality parameters, long life, take the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into every detail of the product development all the time. It is our product salient features which is different from other similar products.

③:The whole process of an independent production

In order to achieve the maximum tracking and protection of product quality, we devoted to the construction of its own high-tech production line with whole process. Implementation from product main parts to accessories independent R & D production, refuse to subcontract production and assembly mode, give the biggest confidence and strength guarantee to customers.

④:Super- competitive

Independent mold development, design department, the pioneer of pioneering spirit, function and aesthetic as development rule, with humanized details as concern for product theory. With continuously develop innovative products and production processes to maintain strong competitiveness of enterprises.

⑤:The first choice of international brand partners

Over the years,we always insist to the perfect quality management system, excellent quality, good corporate image and reputation. Taking customers satisfaction as our center of the operating principles and won the majority of appreciation from Clients. So we became many other well-known Brand Company good partners, which from Europe, United States, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.

⑥:International standard authentication

Product quality guarantee , comes from strict management of each link in the whole production process, high-tech automated production line, sophisticated detection equipment, product 100% detect on line, with unremitting efforts to improve the reliability products. CB, CCC, CE, ETL and so on a series of product safety and quality and ISO9001 quality management system standard certification, is the passport to help you open the door all over the world.